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Take Control

With the explosion of AI in medical imaging over the last few years. Many Imaging departments are dealing with unprecedented demand for in skills to connect systems together.  Many AI companies will take the lead and connect their solution into your RIS and PACS as required.   This is fine…for now.  But imagine a scenario where you have 7 or 8 or even 10 AI solutions all intertwined into your enterprise RIS and PACS.   What happens in 5 or 6 years time when you decide it may be time to replace your RIS or PACS and move to a new vendor.   This is where the problem starts.  You have not only got to migrate data, train new uses, test all the modalities but now you have to “re-plumb” all those AI systems and do a seamless cut-over to the new system.   This will place significant risk and stress on the project team. Using a product like Nexus you can take back control and add a layer of abstraction, so Nexus will be the buffer and control between all the systems.  Changing the RIS or the PACS will simply consist of testing the comms between Nexus and the NEW RIS or PACS; which can be done whilst running your existing systems.  Come the day of the switch, you can simple stop the old Nexus pipeline and turn on the new tested pipeline to Nexus. Much more relaxing!!

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