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DICOM : HL7 : AI Orchestrator

Route DICOM & HL7 with intelligence

Revolutionise your medical workflows

At Pukka-j, we believe that flexible, intelligent workflows between an ever increasing number of systems is the key to success in medical imaging. 

Our advanced Nexus product can route, proxy, transform, orchestrate AI, drive tele-radiology workflows, anonymise for AI, Research, machine learning, convert SR, PDF, JSON to HL7 and vice versa.

Ultimately providing limitless possibilities.

Take control with limitless workflows 

Nexus can provide limitless workflows to solve any interoperability scenario.  Rapidly and robustly route DICOM, HL7 whilst applying any logic or transformation to get your enterprise working in harmony.

Artificial Intelligence 

DICOM can be anonymised, priors pulled and routed to on site or cloud based AI.  AI algorithms can be called directly within Nexus or left to the AI.   Results can be accepted in any format, DICOM, JSON, XML; de-anonymised and converted into HL7, DICOM SR, SC, wrapped PDF and disseminated to multiple end points, either a PACS, RIS, EHR or all three.  Logic can be applied at any stage to allow for Study/Result Triage, automated workflows.


Nexus can drive a full tele-radiology workflow, route DICOM while changing tags or patient numbering, intelligently collate prior images (even from multiple PACS), query for previous clinical reports, scanned request cards.  And finally route the clinical reports and DICOM SR/SC to the originating PACS.

In addition an interactive out of hours and assigning portal can also augment the workflow and highlight SLA breeches.  Critical findings can be managed and monitored.

Ease of use

Nexus uses an intuitive drag and drop interface which allows the user to  to create a complete visual diagram of all the pipelines and logic within the enterprise.  No code required.  Just drag drop and go.

Unprecedented speed. Impeccable Reliability.

Nexus, provides unprecedented speed and impeccable reliability to help you achieve your goals. Our solutions have been connected to a vast array of systems over many years.  The DICOM data is streamed, transformed and sent to the destination all in memory, providing lightening fast and robust interoperability.  We pride ourselves in the knowledge that Nexus can solve any conceivable workflow. 

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Your Route to Route the Nexus way?

At Pukka-j Nexus, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and stay ahead of the competition. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions.

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